Centrebus now operates services in Leicestershire, Grantham in Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire including Luton/Dunstable and has associated companies in Derbyshire/Cheshire and Yorkshire.

Separate websites give details of Centrebus in

Leicestershire Cheshire/Derbyshire
Hertfordshire Lincolnshire
Bedfordshire West Yorkshire

Click on the area name to reach that website

Huddersfield Bus
Centrebus Solo

Centrebus is a privately owned bus company committed to providing high quality services.
Centrebus has bought a Coaching Company based in Harlow - Galleon Travel
Galleon CoachClick on the link for more information



Centrebus is the Trading name of Centrebus Ltd and Centrebus North Ltd
Centrebus in West Yorkshire operates as Huddersfield Bus a Company jointly owned with Arriva


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